Using the
Power of Media and Storytelling

To Harness
Human Potential

So Together,
We Can Create a Better World

Entertainment-Education International (EEI) uses the power of media to improve the health and well-being of people throughout the world.

EEI specializes in the development of long-running dramas on the radio, television, and the web. The dramas feature characters that gradually evolve into role models for the audience over time. EEI’s strategy has been adapted and replicated throughout the world with proven results. By engaging audiences in riveting, dramatic stories, EEI is able to not only deliver important social and health messages to huge audiences, but is able to motivate them to change their attitudes and behavior on the issues.

EEI believes that the greatest change comes from within, which is why EEI hires all local management staff, producers, writers, and actors. EEI believes that by helping others to realize their own true potential and providing them with the skills and knowledge to make good decisions to improve their own lives, their family's lives, and their communities, we can create sustainable change.

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals